We partnered with The University of Salford and Hope Kidney Patients Association to allow kidney patients and their carers access to the Greater Manchester Kidney Information Network (GMKIN).

GMKIN is a peer support and informational network for renal patients in Greater Manchester.

It consists of:

  1. A closed group on Facebook which enables patients and carers to talk confidentially, whilst finding and offering support to group members.  Join the group .
  2. The GMKIN website enables patients to share their own experiences in the form of blogs, news and comments.  Research on GMKIN revealed that writing blogs is therapeutic and helps other patients access valuable information on how to cope with the condition, recognise symptoms and developments in the renal field.
  3. Twitter is an important platform that provides access to practitioners working in the renal field, engage in conversations, fundraise and advocate for GMKIN.

Blogs highlights

  • Naqeeb Quereshi on donating a kidney to his mother

The purpose of this whole story is to tell the people that if you can change someone life by your donation then please come forward and do so. This will greatly impact the person life who is being on dialysis and can’t able to enjoy his life in the way he should. I hope this give you some positive energy and you will think for anybody in your family or even for strangers. Read more…

  • Introduction to The Seed

Cristina, the initiator of #GMKIN, asked me to write a poem about relationships developed on #GMKIN to share at #UKKW2016. When I was first diagnosed with #ESRD eight years ago there were no local kidney information support groups that I was informed about or aware of. #GMKIN helps fill that gap. I hope people enjoy. Read more…

  • Happiness

Happiness, where does it live? Am I happy? My first response is ‘No’ but when I seriously think about it there are many things in my life that give me a sense of what happiness is. Happiness is doing something for others, giving a gift whether small or large or of oneself. Happiness is sharing. Read more…

  • Depression in CKD sufferers

There are three clinical psychologists attached to the Salford Royal Renal Department.” “People with depression often have worse physical health, as well as worse self-perceived health, than those without depression.” source “1 in 4 people (in Britain) will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year. Read more…

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